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**SPECIAL NOTICE** (Updated May 1, 2020)

As you may be aware, the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) released the FY 2020 Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program Formula Grant Solicitation on March 30, 2020. This program is intended to provide funding to assist eligible states, local units of government, and tribes in preventing, preparing for, and responding to the coronavirus.

FDLE finalized the allocations for eligible units of local government and state agencies. Please be aware, jurisdictions receiving a BJA direct allocation were not provided an allocation under FDLE's local funding. For allocations and application instructions for FDLE's CESF program, visit our Open Funding Opportunities page. For more information on BJA's CESF Solicitation, please see their FY 2020 Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program webpage.


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Office of Criminal Justice Grants (OCJG) serves as the State Administering Agency (SAA) for various federal grant programs awarded through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP). OCJG secures, distributes and manages federal grant funds for Florida’s criminal justice community. In addition to federal funds, OCJG also administers state grants for pass-through to local law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, and some non-profits, as appropriated by the Florida Legislature.


OCJG is divided between two units – the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) unit and the Criminal Justice Initiatives (CJI) unit. With Florida’s award for the JAG program generating an excess of 300 subawards each year, the JAG unit is set up solely to administer JAG-based programs, including the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) funds. The CJI unit administers all other non-JAG federal programs and all state financial assistance projects.


The Office of Criminal Justice Grants aids recipients in managing their subawards. OCJG provides assistance during the application and project development phase to ensure the proposed project is allowable under the federal program. OCJG also serves recipients post-award by sending reminders of upcoming deadlines and assisting with the submission of required reports. Additionally, OCJG is responsible for ensuring recipients receive the training and technical assistance required to manage their projects.