• Criminal Justice Agency Profile Report (CJAP)Profiles criminal justice agency's salaries, compensation packages, programs, training requirements, pre-employment requirements and officer demographic across the state of Florida.
  • Criminal Justice Curriculum CoursesBasic recruit, advanced, instructor, and specialized training courses available in Florida. Includes other curriculum available for mandatory retraining such as Discriminatory Profiling & Traffic Stops, Anthrax Awareness, etc.
  • Criminal Justice Quarterly Update:  Newsletter focused on providing a summary of the Commission's quarterly meetings to criminal justice leaders. Included are articles and events regarding officer standards and training, certification issues, quarterly disciplinary proceedings, and event overviews.
  • FCJEI Research & PublicationsResearch projects of the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute Senior Leadership Program classes in a searchable index.
  • Technical MemorandaWritten in response to policy and procedure changes made in Florida Statute and Commission Rule, and are used to clarify existing policy.
Statutory Authority References:
  • Florida Administrative Code Chapter 11-B:  (CJSTC Rules) A listing of Florida Administrative Code, including links and descriptions, which pertain directly to the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

  • Florida Statutes Chapter 943A list of applicable sections of Florida Statutes Chapter 943 which pertain directly to the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and/or FDLE's Criminal Justice Professionalism Program.