2014 Tech Memos

Number Description
2014-01 State Officer Certification Examination Computer-Based Testing Results
2014-02 Textbook Ordering Information for the 2014 Basic Recruit Curriculum
2014-03 Advanced Course 1158 Speed Measurement Course; Clarification of Content
2014-04 New and Updated Specialized Training Program Courses
2014-05 Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA)
2014-06 Emailing Criminal History Responses and Other Confidential Information
2014-07 Implementation of Computer-Based Testing (CBT)
2014-08 Access to Instructor Training Materials
2014-09 Updated Specialized Training Program Course
2014-10 Students Transitioning from Florida CMS Law Enforcement Basic Recruit
2014-11 New Florida Administrative Code Rules effective May 29, 2014
2014-12 Canine Recertification Date Change
2014-13 Use of CJSTC Forms in 2014.07 Basic Recruit Training Courses
2014-14 Scanning CJSTC Forms Related to Training Center Budgets
2014-15 Law Topics and Human Diversity Instructor Certifications
2014-16 Commission-Approved Canine Training Courses
2014-17 Curriculum Alert 2014-24 First Aid Proficiencies