Human Trafficking Expungement

Section 943.0583, Florida Statutes, allows a victim of human trafficking to petition for the expungement of the record, with certain exceptions, of any conviction, or of an arrest or the filing of charges, for an offense committed or reported to have been committed while he/she was a victim of human trafficking, and as a result of his/her having been such a victim (i.e., “as a part of the human trafficking scheme of which the person was a victim or at the direction of an operator of the scheme”). If the petition is granted by the court, a court order under this statute will be forwarded, by the Clerk of Court, for FDLE compliance. Human trafficking expungement is entirely a judicial proceeding and does not require an application for certification of eligibility. Contact the Clerk of Court, the State Attorney or Statewide Prosecutor in the county of jurisdiction for additional information.