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Information Technology Services

The Division of Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for providing and supporting the information technology critical to today’s law enforcement and criminal justice communities.  Our mission is to provide the technology and technical expertise necessary to support FDLE’s mission and to provide technical assistance to those that we serve.
ITS provides support to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies statewide via the 24x7 Customer Support Center.  ITS also supports and acts as the steward for Florida’s Criminal Justice Network (CJNet) – the network supporting all criminal justice agencies in Florida and the gateway to other state, federal and international agencies.

 ITS is comprised of four bureaus: IT Policy Development and Planning, Business Systems Engineering, Customer Service Administration, and Production Systems Services.

Business Systems Engineering (BSE)
The BSE bureau is responsible for planning, design, and development of FDLE IT systems.  BSE supports systems serving all FDLE divisions, public facing websites and systems, and systems used by local, state, and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.
Customer Service Administration (CSA)
The CSA bureau is responsible for supporting the technology used directly by FDLE members statewide across all divisions and regional operations centers.  CSA also provides the FDLE 24x7 Customer Support Center, serving as the first point of contact for individuals and agencies using FDLE information systems.
ITS Deputy Director
Oversees the network infrastructure supporting both the FDLE and Florida Criminal Justice networks as well as telephony services, cloud computing, and FDLE’s information security program.

IT Policy Development and Planning (PDP)
The PDP bureau is responsible for budgeting, contract management, legislative analysis, asset management, personnel management, public records requests, and procurement for ITS.

Production Systems Services (PSS)
The PSS bureau is responsible for supporting the infrastructure that supports all FDLE systems.  This infrastructure includes server hardware, Linux and Windows Operating Systems, high availability storage, and multiple database management systems.  PSS also supports FDLE’s on-site data center.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.