Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting

This application requires CJNET access

Pursuant to Section 932.7061, Florida Statutes, every law enforcement agency shall submit an annual report to the Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) indicating whether the agency has seized or forfeited property under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act.  The annual report must, at a minimum, specify the type, approximate value, court case number, type of offense, disposition of property received, and amount of any proceeds received or expended.  The annual report must be submitted in an electronic form by December 1 each year.  

The 2016-2017 fiscal year reporting period has ended.  The annual report filed with OPPAGA is available click here.
The new Civil Asset Forfeiture application has a similar format as the Excel spreadsheet used previously to record expenditures. 

If you used the Excel spreadsheet to track the property seized or forfeited while the new system was currently in development, please keep in mind that you will have to transfer the information into the new system once available.
  1. To log into the system, please go to
  2. Select: First Time User
  3. Enter the contact information for the person in your agency who should be contacted regarding the contraband forfeiture report. All future notices from the FDLE – Office of Inspector General (OIG) will be sent to the email listed for the account. Note: When entering the address, please only use alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers only)
  4. If your agency is not located in the list, please select the option to add your agency.
  5. A notification will be sent to FDLE – OIG once you complete your registration. New user registration requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8-5pm)
Note: A user manual is available within the application for reference. To access the user manual please select the "?" icon once your have loged in. 

If you have questions or need clarification regarding the reporting process, please contact our office.  You can reach the FDLE OIG at or (850) 410-7228.