FDLE arrests sex offender felon for illegally voting

For Immediate Release
May 15, 2024
MIAMI – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) arrested Amilcar De Jesus Noguera, 72, of Davie, on two counts of voting as an unqualified elector. Noguera is a registered sex offender and felon.
The charges are the result of an investigation led by FDLE’s Election Crime Unit (ECU) working with the Florida Department of State Office of Election Crimes and Security (OECS).
FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass said, “This arrest is another example of FDLE’s commitment to keeping elections in Florida fair and free from criminal interference. Our partnership with Florida Department of State’s OECS in investigating voting crimes is weeding out these bad actors.”      
“Florida is committed to ensuring that all eligible Floridians who want to vote have the opportunity to do so,” said Secretary of State Cord Byrd. “However, in conjunction with FDLE, we are equally committed to preventing election fraud and to protecting the integrity of Florida’s voter rolls.”
The investigation revealed that Noguera submitted a false voter registration application in 1990 and voted illegally 18 times in the years following. Noguera has never received his restoration of civil rights.
Noguera was convicted of felony sexual battery on a child less than 12 years old in 1989 in Broward County and is required to register as a sexual offender.
FDLE inspectors arrested Noguera at the Miami International Airport on May 10 and he was booked into the Broward County Jail.  The case will be prosecuted by Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution.
For Further Information Contact:
FDLE Office of Public Information
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