FDLE arrests illegal immigrant charged with possessing and selling counterfeit immigration documents

For Immediate Release
April 1, 2022
FORT MYERS, Fla. – Special agents with the FDLE arrested Daniel Aguilar-Roblero for selling counterfeit immigration documents and transferring false identification documents. Aguilar-Roblero is not a citizen or national of the United States and is subject to deportation and removal proceedings at the conclusion of his federal case.  
FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen said, “I appreciate the detailed investigative work by our FDLE agents.  The work of our agents in cases like this helps keep our state safer.”
According to the indictment and court proceedings held in the case, Aguilar-Roblero sold fraudulent Social Security Cards and fraudulent Permanent Resident cards (also known as “Green Cards”) to undercover FDLE agents, believing the documents would be used by illegal immigrants in the United States.
FDLE agents, with assistance from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), took Aguilar-Roblero into custody on a federal warrant charging him with distribution of fraudulent documents and fraud, misuse of visas, permits and other immigration documents. If convicted on all counts, Aguilar-Roblero faces a maximum penalty of 50 years in federal prison.   
FDLE agents arrested Aguilar-Roblero Wednesday.  This case will be prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Florida.
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