FDLE Members recognized for exceptional performance

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2017
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam along with FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen honored FDLE’s top performers today at the department’s Annual Awards Ceremony.  Members were recognized for their outstanding performances during 2016.  In total, more than 200 members were nominated.
“Our dedicated law enforcement officers deserve all the support we can provide, and I’m honored to celebrate some of the best and brightest at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement annual awards ceremony,” said Commissioner Putnam. “Their innovation and hard work continues to keep Floridians and visitors safe.”
“It is a pleasure to recognize the winners of this year’s awards,” said FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen. “The dedication of these professionals to seek excellence in their work performance is a reflection of their commitment to FDLE’s core values of service, integrity, respect and quality.”
Award winners are as follows:
Commissioner’s Award Winner - Zane Harrell, Security Agent Supervisor, FDLE Headquarters/Tallahassee Regional Operations Center
The recipient of this award is chosen by the Commissioner and gives special recognition to an “unsung” hero whose performance is outstanding yet low profile within the Department. This award is established for those who provide outstanding performance from “the trenches.”  In 2016 Mr. Harrell was integral to the success of FDLE Headquarters security enhancements and assisted in the development and training of the department’s Active Shooter Training Program. 
Special Agent of the Year – Don Cannon, Special Agent, Miami Regional Operations Center
This award recognizes commendable investigative or intelligence activity by a sworn member. Special Agent Cannon is assigned to the region’s Cyber/High Tech Crime Squad and FBI Child Exploitation Task Force that focuses on abducted children, human trafficking and investigations of child pornography. In 2016, SA Cannon was leader of an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a Florida resident engaging in the international sex trafficking of children, child exploitation and sex tourism in Medellin, Colombia. This complex investigation resulted in the first time a U.S. Attorney ever charged a suspect with Child Sex Tourism.
Distinguished Member of the Year – Holly Williams, Senior Crime Intelligence Analyst II, Office of Executive Investigation, FDLE Headquarters  
This award is given to a member who demonstrates superior performance or who accomplishes a significant achievement. Holly Williams is tasked with investigating allegations of criminal or other misconduct on the part of elected and public officials in Florida. In 2016 she used her expert analytical skills to identify a fraud ring which resulted in the arrest and successful prosecution of six individuals who defrauded the state of $190,000.  She was also instrumental in identifying two main subjects of another fraud ring that recruited single mothers to file fraudulent checks through the state’s child support system, resulting in more than $109,000 in losses to the state.
Forensic Scientist of the Year – Carol Seagle, Crime Laboratory Analyst, Tallahassee Regional Operations Center
This award is given to a laboratory member who advances forensic science by implementing new or improved technology, methods development or professional expertise. Carol Seagle is a dedicated and skilled professional whose positive attitude, attention to detail and willingness to accept additional responsibilities are critical to both the Tallahassee Regional Crime Laboratory’s and Toxicology discipline’s provision of important services to assist law enforcement in the investigation of crime. In 2016, she was the principle instructor for seven analysts, as well as performing well above her casework standard by completing 1,390 work units, nearly three times above her work unit expectations.
Distinguished Support Member of the Year – Sara Hill, Forensic Technologist, Tallahassee Regional Operations Center
Forensic Technologist Hill was solely responsible for working the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network-only cases within the region’s Firearms Section and she helped reduce turnaround times statewide in the Firearms discipline. During 2016, she worked approximately 160 cases from other FDLE regional labs and completed a total of 591 cases for the year, which was 23 percent above standard. She also testified 13 times, including six times in other regions, which often requires a significant time out of the office. 
Excellence in Leadership – Charlotte Fraser, Chief of Financial Support Services, FDLE Headquarters 
 Chief Fraser manages FDLE’s Office of Financial Management, which includes over 30 members who are responsible for the agency’s accounting and financial management/reporting. In her role she also serves as the department’s Chief Financial Officer,  which carries tremendous responsibility and oversight for the accounting and financial management for the agency. 
Capitol Police Officer of the Year – Douglas Stribling, Investigator, Capitol Police
Officer Stribling provided logistical assistance at the 2016 Missing Children’s Day event at the Capitol and continually assists the Honor Guard Team by traveling on short notice to ensure events are properly supported.  He provided crucial office support within the Capitol Access Card Section and Background Unit by working over 200 background checks of various Capitol Complex vendors, employees, and other personnel. In addition to his investigative duties, Officer Stribling helped the Capitol Police Patrol Unit in a uniformed capacity and assisted on fixed posts and with Legislative Session details as needed.
Distinguished Team of the Year – Electronic Surveillance Support Team, Orlando Regional Operations Center
  • Andrew Watts                
  • Arthur Brewster
  • Jeff Duncan
  • Jeff Timmons  
  • Amanda Stephens  
  • Kerri Plaza
  • Kevin Bass
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • Adalberto “Sam” Lopez
  • Collin Bruce         
  • Rod Dantes
  • Reshma Persaud
  • Bill Gabrielski  
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
  • Justin Zeigler
Orlando Police Department
  • Jerome Kenon
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tim Hart  
The Orlando Regional Operations Center Electronic Surveillance Support Team is an FDLE-led task force, with members from FDLE as well as the Brevard, Orange and Seminole County Sheriffs’ Offices and the Orlando Police Department, which supports criminal investigations throughout the Orlando region.
The work done by this team resulted in 200 arrests, predominantly for violent crime, in 2016.
Innovation of the Year – Operation Locator II Team, FDLE Headquarters
  • Alan Moses
  • Jon Roddenberry
  • Stephanee Hires
  • Kathy Cutler
  • Robert McNeal
  • Debbie Payne
  • Amari Bennett
  • Chad Hoffman
  • Jeremy Gordon
  • Brad Carrozza
  • Rob Moon
  • Sue Burton
  • Cindy Durrett
  • Pam Bullard
  • Rahul Gupta
  • Gopi Dasari
  • Shishir More
The Operation Locator II team worked to locate high risk sex offenders living in Florida. 
Contribution to Criminal Justice – Intelligence Watch and Warning Desk, FDLE Headquarters
  • Melanie Walker
  • Ryan Phenix                                                     
  • Keith Wilson                                                        
  • Alfonso Lowry                                                  
  • James “Devin” Lovett                                                         
  • Allison Kempel
  • Daniel Easter                                                        
  • Bobbie Winn                                                   
  • Lindsey Cole                                                     
  • Alan Taylor                                                       
  • Kyle Brannon                                                      
  • Nikolai Patrick
  • Shamekia Collins
  • Gregory Miller

The Intelligence Watch and Warning Desk responds to a wide variety of intelligence and investigative requests and acts as the state’s domestic security sentinel, providing vital situational awareness. In 2016, Watch and Warning Desk analysts answered 54,000 calls for assistance, maintained 2,700 intelligence flags, made 8,000 notifications, wrote 1,600 investigative reports, triaged 1,100 suspicious activity reports, processed 1800 requests for Florida driver’s licenses and made notification on 66 crime scene call outs and 77 officer involved shootings.
For Further Information Contact:
Gretl Plessinger, or Jessica Cary
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001