Appeal Process

How do I submit an appeal?
Appeal forms may be obtained from the dealer at the time of non-approval. It should be filled out in its entirety and mailed to the Firearm Purchase Program (address on form). Fingerprinting services may only be obtained from local law enforcement agencies and may be rolled onto the form or a separate fingerprint card may be attached. Fingerprints rolled by a non-law enforcement agency will be rejected and returned without processing. Appeals must be received within 60 days of the non-approval or they will be returned without processing. If the dealer does not have a form, download an appeal form here or contact FPP Customer Service at 850-410-8139. You will need your queue number which is available from the firearm dealer.

Mailing Address:
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Firearm Eligibility Bureau
Appeals Unit
P.O. Box 1489
Tallahassee, FL 32302

The Appeal Process:
  • Appeal is received and logged. FDLE will send a letter confirmation we have received your appeal. Customer’s fingerprints are compared to the fingerprints attached to the criminal record in question.  If your fingerprints are not a match to the disqualifying record, you will receive an approval letter.
  • If the fingerprints are a match, the Appeals Unit will review the criminal record which is the basis for the non-approval. If the record appears to be valid and correct, the non-approval decision will be sustained and you will receive a letter informing you of the decision.
  • If upon review, the criminal record appears to contain a mistake or has some inconsistency indicating further research is necessary, FDLE will conduct the research needed to either overturn (approve) or sustain the non-approval decision.
If you have documents that will assist with your appeal, please mail copies in with your appeal form.  FDLE must verify the documents you provide are valid. 

Appeal processing times vary due to the nature of the appeal and the volume of appeals currently in process. A letter will be mailed to you upon completion of the appeal with the final decision on eligibility.

Letters of approval expire 30 days from the date they are issued and may be used for a one-time purchase at the firearm dealer of your choice without having to repeat the background check. Lost and/or expired letters will not be re-issued. Letters of sustained non-approval will refer you to the agency or agencies that may be able to assist you with rectifying the issue that is preventing you from purchasing a firearm

Tips for Submitting an Appeal:
  • Please remember to sign your appeal form or it will be returned to you without being processed.
  • Please list the address that you would like your response letter mailed to if it is different than your home address.
  • Should you move before the completion of your appeal, please notify the Firearm Eligibility Bureau, Appeals Unit of your new address to ensure that your final decision letter is received by you. Be sure to add your full name and queue number.
What about appealing through the FBI NICS Program?

The FBI NICS Program will accept appeals only when you have been denied a firearm based on an error or inaccuracy in a federal criminal history and you are able to provide the documents needed to prove and correct the error. FBI NICS does not have time restriction on when you may submit a request for record correction. To find out how to submit a request to FBI NICS, please visit their website or call toll-free 1-877-FBI-NICS (1-877-324-6427).
What if my fingerprints are already on-file?
Federal law prohibits the use of fingerprints for any reason other than the reason they were submitted.  If you were fingerprinted for employment, those fingerprints cannot be used to process a firearm appeal.  Fingerprints submitted as part of an appeal will be returned to you upon completion of the appeal and will not be available should you need to file another appeal in the future.

Download an appeal form
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