Office of Planning and Budgeting

FY23-24 Soft Body Armor for Law Enforcement


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) collects fees for processing criminal history checks for potential buyers of firearms. Per s. 790.065(1)(a)(2.), F.S., in the event that the amount of funds collected exceeds the cumulative amount of expenditures by more than $2.5 million, excess funds may be used for the purpose of purchasing soft body armor for law enforcement officers. FDLE exceeded the amount and was appropriated $2 million in nonrecurring funds to purchase soft body armor for local law enforcement officers. 

This program is open to local law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida.  Priority will be given to the agencies in fiscally constrained counties. 

Funds shall be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to local law enforcement agencies within fiscally constrained counties, as defined in s. 216.67(1), Florida Statutes.

FDLE will purchase the body armor and have it drop-shipped to the requesting agency.

Project Period
Award period will be for 12 months beginning July 1, 2023 and ending June 30, 2024.

How to Apply
Applications will NOT be accepted through FDLE's Amplifund system.

In order to receive funding, the agency must:

  • Complete the funding request form found below.
  • Have officers measured and provide a quote from an approved state contract vendor.
  • Forward quote and completed form to
  • The body armor will be shipped to the requesting agency.

Approved Vendors
Quotes must come from a vendor approved by the State of Florida, listed as a contractor on the Body Armor and Ballistic Resistant Products contract (46151500-NASPO-21-ACS).

Fund Opportunity Attachments

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

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