Online Mandatory Training

Public Safety Telecommunications for Law Enforcement Officers

Please read document before you proceed: Course Information

This course is only meant for officers who have taken and failed the PST examination. Officers who fail the PTS examination are required to complete a Department of Health (DOH) approved course before retaking the examination. The DOH-approved course includes 3 parts:
  1. 17 hours of cognitive instruction (this online course)
  2. 3 hours of online training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  3. 20 hours of hands-on training in a telecommunications center or simulated setting
You will not receive credit for completing only the online portion of this training. All three parts of the DOH-approved course must be completed before any training credit is earned.

Important message: You must print the quiz results page upon completion of this training course. Please ensure you are connected to a printer prior to beginning the online training course, as we are unable to track or store your information.


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