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Behavioral Threat Assessment for Officers

Acts of targeted violence, such as the Pulse nightclub and Parkland school shooting, pose a threat to Florida’s domestic security and public safety. The state of Florida has taken a proactive approach to preventing targeted violence by training agencies on behavioral threat assessment and management (BTAM)

The BTAM methodology was pioneered by the U.S. Secret Services and is used by the F.B.I. and Homeland Security. It equips sworn personnel to recognize and report threats and threatening behaviors so intervention and prevention are possible.

Front-line officers in law enforcement, correctional, correctional probation play a key role. This course will give you an high-level overview of BTAM. More importantly, you will learn to identify persons of concern in a variety of settings such as domestic violence, workplace violence, schools, extremist groups, or protection of public figures.

Certified officers may be awarded credit for 1 hour of training that can be applied toward the 40 hour mandatory retraining requirement.

Important message: Once you complete the course you will be asked to enter your name and email address. Your proof of completion will be sent to the address you specify. You may use any email address.

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