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Protective Operations Special Agent Hiring Process

Application Process 
Interested applicants are required to apply for the position of Protective Operations Special Agent on-line through People First (https://jobs.myflorida.com).

  • Completion of Electronic Application
  • Completion and Submission of Supplemental Packet
  • Oral Interview Board
  • Written Exercise
  • Physical Abilities Test
  • Thorough Background Investigation
  • Drug Screen
  • Electronic Fingerprint Submission
  • Psychological Examination
  • Physical Exam by a Physician

Special Notes
This unit operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Positions within the POS unut require rotating shifts to include working nights, weekends and holidays. Members assigned to night shifts will receive shift differential pay. 

This position will travel 15% of the time. Incumbent must signe the Protective Operations' Confidentiality Agreement and a Protective Operations Special Agent Agreement. Protective Operations Special Agents assigned to POS are assigned to Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami.

All applicants must accept a 3-year minimum commitment to the section.

Hiring Process

  1. Apply for Position - Apply for the Protective Operations Special Agent position with the Peoples First job site: https://jobs.myflorida.com/
  2. Complete Protective Operations Special Agent Selection Process - The selection process consists of multiple phases including a physical agility assessment, writing assessment, and a structured interview.
  3. Background Process - Comprehensive background investigation will include: 1) Interviews with past and present employers, neighbors, relatives, and references. 2) Verification of past and present employment, residences and education. 3) Verification of police record and criminal history. 4) Verification of citizenship. 5) A review of finances and credit history. 6) Verification of education and military records, if applicable. 7) A successful completion of a psychological assessment. 8) A completion of a medical assessment conducted by a physician. 9) Completion of a full panel drug screen.
Physical Agility Requirements
Applicants for the position of Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement must successfully pass physical agility. The physical agility requirements are:
  • Dynamic Strength
    • 30 Sit-ups (1-minute time limit)
    • 20 Push-ups
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
    • 2-Mile timed run (18 minutes or less)
    • 100-Yard swim (untimed)
    • Retrieve 10 pound weight from 5-8 feet underwater

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