Becoming a participant in the VECHS Program

How can my organization become a qualified entity?

If you believe your business or organization meets the criteria of a "qualified entity," you may download a copy of the VECHS Application and email to

FDLE will review your application for eligibility. The review time for this process is ten business days. If approved, you will receive an information packet containing required documents to be completed in order to participate in the program.


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What happens once I submit my Qualified Entity Application, User Agreement, and CWCS Registration Form?

Once a determination has been made regarding your request to be a VECHS participant, you will be advised regarding the approval or denial.

  1. Once approved, you will receive a Welcome Letter that includes your Qualified Entity Numbers for employees and for volunteers.
  2. Welcome Packet will contain forms and information for submitting fingerprints electronically. These forms are required regardless of whether your entity purchases a live scan device or if the employees and contracted personnel go to a "service provider" or another live scan device owner to have the fingerprints taken and submitted by that company.
  3. Waiver Agreement and Statement to be signed by each employee, contracted person or volunteer whose fingerprints are submitted.
  4. Instructions as to how an employee, contractor, or volunteer can obtain his or her own criminal record for review and possible correction.
  5. Dissemination log, to be used in the event a qualified VECHS entity shares criminal history information with another qualified VECHS entity once verified with FDLE. Private schools may NOT share criminal history information with any VECHS entities except other private schools registered with VECHS. Private schools are the only VECHS entities authorized to receive sealed information and expunge notifications.
  6. Provisions and procedures regarding the VECHS program.


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If my organization is approved to participate in the VECHS program, will my organization be required to obtain criminal history record checks on my current or prospective employees and volunteers?

Participation in the VECHS program is strictly voluntary for those organizations that are not otherwise required to obtain criminal history record checks on their employees and volunteers. If your organization is presently required to obtain criminal history checks on employees and/or volunteers, you must continue to do so under the applicable Florida law.


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