Final defendant in custody

For Immediate Release

May 6, 2012 

The final defendant in the FAMU hazing investigation turned herself into local law enforcement today, Sunday, May 06, 2012.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement ensured the  11 defendants charged with felony hazing  turned themselves into local authorities. 

FAMU defendants who have turned themselves into local law enforcement
Lasherry Codner, B/F, DOB 6/25/91, Orange County Jail 
Ryan Dean, B/M, DOB 9/18/90, Leon County Jail
Jonathan Boyce, B/M, DOB  5/27/87, Leon County Jail
Aaron Golson, B/M, DOB 6/20/92, Gadsden County Jail
Jessie Baskin, B/M, DOB 10/27/91, Miami-Dade County Jail
Harold Finley, B/M, DOB 4/8/92, Palm Beach County Jail
Bryan Jones, B/M, DOB 10/27/88, Hillsborough County Jail
Benjamin McNamee, B/M, DOB 12/14/90, Miami-Dade County Jail
Shawn Turner, B/M, DOB 4/22/86, Gadsden County Jail
Caleb Jackson, B/M, DOB 09/10/88, Leon County Jail
Rikki Wills, B/M, DOB 04/03/88, Leon County Jail