FDLE, Orlando PD and partners review Jennifer Kesse missing person case

ORLANDO - The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Orlando Police Department are assembling a daylong Specialized Multi Agency Review Team (SMART) to examine the evidence collected in the Jennifer Kesse missing person case. A SMART is assembled to rejuvenate cold cases in an effort to develop additional leads. The SMART is comprised of investigators who have worked the Kesse case and investigators who have not previously worked the case. 

“The SMART will allow law enforcement to put fresh eyes on this investigation,” says FDLE Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Danny Banks. “We will never stop looking for answers and this cold case review allows numerous investigators to come together for the day putting an intensive focus on this investigation.”

“Orlando Police Department will remain passionate in its pursuit to uncover any leads and continue this investigation,” says OPD chief Paul Rooney.
"The Kesse family is extremely grateful and appreciative of the efforts of law enforcement and the panel,” said Joyce Kesse, mother of Jennifer Kesse.
Once the SMART concludes, investigators will follow-up on new evidence or leads.  
It has been nearly six years since 24-year-old Jennifer Kesse was reported missing from her condominium at Americana/Texas Ave. in Orlando, Fla. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Jennifer Kesse, please contact Crimeline at 1- 800-423-TIPS.
For Further Information Contact:
Gretl Plessinger, Keith Kameg or Kristi Gordon
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001
Detective Pat Schneider                                   Orlando Police
Sgt. Roger Brennan                              Orlando Police
Sgt. Rich Lane                                     Orlando Police
S/A Jesi Baron                                     FDLE (Orlando)
S/A John Batchelor                              FDLE (Orlando)
ASAC Danny Banks                            FDLE (Orlando)
SAS David Lee                                    FDLE (Orlando)
SAC Dominick Pape                            FDLE (Jacksonville)
SA Travis Lawson                               FDLE (Pensacola)
SA Leslie D’Ambrosia                         FDLE (Miami)
Lt. Paul Zambouros                             Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Wayne Ivey                                         Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Retired)
Phil Williams                                       Director of MBI (Retired)
CLAS Tim Petree                                 FDLE (Orlando)
Robert McNeal                                     FDLE (Tallahassee)
ASA Dan Mosley                                 Assistant State Attorney 5th Judicial Circuit
Dr. Read Hayes                                     University of Florida Crime Prevention Team
Dr. Jan Garravaglia                              Medical Examiner 9th Judicial Circuit
Barbara Bergin                                     Crimeline