Wakulla County Sheriff Appointed FCAC Chair

The Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, Inc. today announced the appointment of Sheriff David F. Harvey of the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office to the position of chairperson for the commission. Sheriff Harvey was initially appointed to the commission by the Florida Sheriff’s Association in 2003 and is currently serving his second term.

This 12-member commission is comprised of four sheriffs, six corrections professionals, and two pre-trial agency supervisors. The commission conducts intensive reviews of local jails’ policies, procedures, management, and operations to verify compliance with 242 recognized standards of excellence. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement provides staff support to the commission.

Undergoing the FCAC’s voluntary state accreditation process provides local jails with a “quality assurance review” and encourages intense self-scrutiny, resulting in more efficient and effective daily operations. Becoming accredited by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission is considered a significant accomplishment and this status is held in high esteem by the criminal justice community. Since 1998, 33 of the 67 Florida jails have achieved and maintained this status.

For Further Information Contact:
Heather Smith or Kristen Perezluha
FDLE Office of Public Information
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