UCR Definition

The Florida Uniform Crime Reports program defines Obscenity as the conduct which by community standards is deemed to corrupt public morals by its indecency and/or lewdness. This may include:
Obscene Communication/Telephone Call
To make or transmit a lewd, indecent, or lascivious telephone call or other communications.
Obscene Material/Pornography
To unlawfully manufacture, publish, sell, buy, or possess material (e.g., literature, photographs, statuettes, etc.) which by community standards is deemed capable of corrupting public morals.

Florida Statutes

847.0135 - Computer Pornography

847.0141 - Sexting

847.0147 - Obscene telephone service prohibited

847.201 - Obscene programming on cable television

356.161 - Prohibition of certain obscene telephone communications

365.16 - Obscene or harassing telephone calls

827.071 - Sexual performance by a child

847.002 - Child pornography prosecutions

847.011 - Prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene, lewd, etc., materials

847.012 – Harmful materials

847.013 – Exposing minors to harmful motion pictures, exhibitions, shows, presentations, or representations

847.06 –Obscene Matter

847.07 – Wholesale promotion of obscene materials


There were a total of 856 arrests for Obscenity reported to the Florida UCR program. Of these arrests, 62 were juveniles and 796 were adults.

UCR Arrest Data  Handcuffs

856 arrests for Obscenity in 2018

Source: Non-Forcible Sex Offense Arrest by Type (Excel File)

Obscenity arrests by age and sex 2018.  There were 53 juvenile males, 9 juvenile females, 732 adult males, and 62 adult females arrested.

Source: Non-Forcible Sex Offenses Arrest by Age, Sex, and Race (Excel)

2018 Obscenity arrests by judicial circuit

Source: Judicial Circuit Arrest NFSO detail  (PDF | Excel)

To learn more about which counties are in what circuit,
please see the 
Florida Courts website.

Historical Data - Trends

Information about the different data sources on our site. 
15 year Obscenity trend graph
Source: Total Arrests by County, 1989-2018
Computerized Criminal History Arrests by Type, 200-2018 (Excel)

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