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The Florida Uniform Crime Reports program defines embezzlement as the unlawful misappropriation by an offender to his/her own use or purpose of money, property, or some other thing of value entrusted to his/her care, custody, or control. This offense involves an employer/employee relationship where the employee deliberately deceives his/her employer by dishonestly appropriating money or any thing of value entrusted to him/her for unlawful gain.

Note: The misappropriation of goods must take place while the employee has legal access to the location and the goods are in his/her care, custody, or control. Cases where the employee enters his/her place of employment during a time period that the location is closed to customers and employees and unlawfully removes property should not be classified as Embezzlement or Larceny. Classify such an offense as Burglary because the employee entered the business during a time period that the location was closed to both customers and employees and committed a theft.

The UCR Manual contains more information about these definitions.

Florida Statutes

812.081 Trade secrets; theft, embezzlement, unlawful copying.

817.15 False entries in books of business entity.

817.16 False, reports, etc., by officers of banks, trust companies, etc., with intent to defraud.

839.17 Misappropriation of moneys by commissioners to make sales.


There were a total of 1,086 arrests for Embezzlement reported in 2018. Of these arrests, 32 were juveniles and 1,054 were adults.

UCR Arrest Data  Handcuffs

1,086 Embezzlement arrests in 2018

Source: 2018 Arrest Totals and Index Arrests by County (PDF | Excel)

Embezzlement arrests by age and sex for 2018.  There were 13 juvenile males, 19 juvenile females, 552 adult males, and 502 adult females arrested for embezzlement in 2017.
Source: Arrest Totals by Age and Sex, 2018 (PDF)

2018 Embezzlement arrests by judicial circuits
Source: 2018 Judicial Circuit Arrest Report (PDF | Excel)

To learn more about which counties are in what circuit,
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Florida Courts website.

Historical Data - Trends

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Source: Total Arrests by County, 1989-2018
Computerized Criminal History Arrests by Crime Type, 2000-2018 (Excel)

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