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Florida Basic Abilities Test Department
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Dr. Hector Garcia, FBAT Manager
Approved Tests: Law Enforcement and Corrections

Executive Summary

The Miami Dade College-School of Justice (hereafter referred to as MDC-SoJ) offers the Florida Basic Abilities tests (FBAT) for law enforcement (LEBAT) and corrections (COBAT). Each of the tests in these disciplines has three alternate forms and all exams have been approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Because the tests have alternate forms, individuals who retake the test do not necessarily do better because of prior practice with the test.

According to the Commission's mandate, the tests were developed to measure the essential abilities at the minimum level required to be successful in Commission basic recruit training programs. The abilities measured were designated by the Commission and are listed below. The FBATs have been developed using sound measurement procedures that conform to measurement and industry standards, with a focus on the development of fair tests that do not unjustly have an adverse impact on any group because of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability or any other job-unrelated factor.

The cost for the tests is $30 per test administration, or $25 for bulk orders of 200 or more tests. Based on pilot administrations conducted throughout the State of Florida, as well as on the relative importance of the various abilities measured by the tests, the tests contain a total of 104 questions and a time limit of approximately 2 hours.

FBATs are all web-based and provide higher levels of security than traditional paper/pencil test formats. Additionally, test items are presented in a multi-media format so that visual, sound, and text are combined for a more valid assessment of the abilities as necessary.

The test items are highly job-related and were developed specifically to reflect the disciplines of law enforcement and corrections in the State of Florida. The tests were developed in collaboration with over 200 demographically diverse subject matter experts selected from a representative sample of jurisdictions in the State.

Abilities Measured on the FBAT:
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Information Ordering
  • Memorization
  • Spatial Orientation

With regard to measurement properties, the FBATs have reliability levels that exceed the normally accepted standards for psychological and educational tests. Furthermore, the tests have been compared to important criteria such as performance in the academy and State Officer Certification Exam (SOCE) results. The data has shown that FBATs are highly correlated to both of these criteria indicating that the exams are highly predictive of both success in the academy and on the SOCE. The tests are also content-valid because they were based on important aspects of these jobs as judged by a representative sample of subject matter experts. Finally, we have taken careful detail to ensure that the FBATs, in addition to having sound psychometric properties also have no adverse impact. In other words, the exam is constructed so that no one is discriminated based on race, gender or any other unrelated factor. Rather, the tests focus on what is needed for the job and measures just that.

The tests provide a cut-off score to screen out applicants who do not compare to the lower bound performance of the average test taker. This cut-off score was statistically determined using data from pilot administrations of the tests in several Commission-certified centers throughout the State.

Overall, the MDC-SoJ's tests have been carefully developed using a large number of checks and balances, which have yielded sound measurement properties and a very defensible set of tests.

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