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Fred M. Rafilson, PhD.
Approved Tests: Law Enforcement, Correctional

Executive Summary

The I/O Solutions Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Tests (CJ BAT) were developed to assess minimum competencies for those individuals wishing to enroll in Florida's Commission-certified training centers. A unique version of the CJ BAT was developed for the law enforcement, and correctional disciplines based on the requirements and specifications of the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

The CJ BAT examinations were developed using both a content-oriented and criterion-related validation strategy to meet the federal and professional guidelines for test development. The basis for this work was the completion of the FDLE Curriculum Maintenance System (CMS) job analysis project. The CMS project provided a current and valid list of essential job tasks performed by incumbent officers in each of these disciplines.

Using this information, I/O solutions was able to create test items and scenarios that are highly representative of the actual job content of the officers. In addition to this work, I/O Solutions was able to demonstrate a significant correlation between CJ BAT scores and the important criteria of academy success.

The time limit for completing the CJ BAT is two hours and thirty minutes (2-½ hours). Following are the number of items (i.e., test questions) broken down by ability area for each of the CJ BAT exams:
Ability Area Number of LEO test Items Number of CO test Items
Written comprehension 13 13
Written expression 17 13
Oral expression 17 13
Problem sensitivity 8 12
Inductive reasoning 9 6
Deductive reasoning 10 11
Information ordering 8 8
Spatial orientation 3 6
Visualization 8 8
Selective attention 4 7
Flexibility of closure 3 3

Each test consists of 125 questions, the applicant's score is based on 100 questions as specified in the above table. The other 25 questions (randomly dispersed throughout the test) are used to field-test additional items.

I/O Solutions will charge a per test fee of $29.75* to the training/assessment center utilizing the CJ BAT, the training/assessment center is free to charge an additional fee per candidate (e.g., $5, $10, $15, etc.) to cover its costs of test administration and score notification.

Given this arrangement, each training/assessment center has the latitude necessary to ensure that the CJ BAT program will meet its needs. These fees will be collected by the agencies administering the tests.

*Special rates may apply due to the volume of tests or services required.

Study material is available on the Public Safety Recruitment website, under the "Law Enforcement" section.