Basic Abilities Test (BAT) Background

During the 2000 session, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 1481 requiring applicants entering into a criminal justice basic recruit program to pass a Commission-approved BAT successfully. FDLE has contracted private providers [I/O Solutions (I/O), Morris & McDaniel, Inc. (Morris), and Miami Dade College (MDC)] to create, manage, and administer the BAT at Commission-certified training centers, criminal justice selection centers, and criminal justice agencies.

The Commission’s recognition of a need for a BAT for individuals entering basic recruit academies was recognized some years before the actual legislative initiative. The Commission, with the cooperation of certified training academies, criminal justice agencies, and independent developers and evaluators completed the final stage of evaluating tests that will measure essential abilities (needed for individuals to comprehend and apply the core fundamentals of the profession at the entry-level).

Throughout the selection process, it has been the intent of the Commission to approve multiple tests so that certified training academies would have discretion in choosing the test(s) that fits best in their training school administration.

This requirement is codified in Section 943.17, F.S.:
  • "943.17 - Basic Recruit, advanced, and career development training programs; participation; cost; evaluation. The Commission shall, by rule, design, implement, maintain, evaluate, and revise entry requirements and job-related curricula and performance standards for basic recruit, advanced, and career development training programs and courses. The rules shall include, but are not limited to, a methodology to assess relevance of the subject matter to the job, student performance, and instructor competency.
  • (1) The commission shall:
  • (g) Assure that entrance into the basic recrit training program for law enforcement and correctional officers be limited to those who have passed a basic skills examination and assessment instrument, based on a job task analysis in each discipline and adopted by the Commission. "

The BAT is outlined in the F.A.C. 11B-35.0011(1) further:
  • To comply with Section 943.17(1)(g), F.S., applicants who apply for entry into a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program after January 1, 2002, shall obtain a passing score on a Commission-approved Basic Abilities Test (BAT) for the law enforcement or correctional disciplines, prior to entering a program. The BAT shall be administered in the state of Florida.