Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJSTC)

GoToMeeting Dates and Call-in Instructions:

U.S. Toll Free Number
Access Code
Probable Cause Determination Hearings August 12, 2020
10:00 AM - Open
1-877-309-2073 984-362-885
CJSTC Business Meeting August 13, 2020
8:30 AM -  10:00 AM
1-877-309-2073 472-956-213
CJSTC Officer Discipline Hearings August 13, 2020
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
1-877-309-2073 805-548-885
Please call 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting times.

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Our Mission: 

To ensure that all citizens of Florida are served by criminal justice officers who are ethical, qualified, and well-trained.


The 19-Member Commission is Composed of the Following:  

  • Three (3) sheriffs*

  • Three (3) chiefs of police*

  • Five (5) law enforcement officers who are neither Sheriffs or Chiefs who are the rank of Sergeant or below within the employing agency.*

  • One (1) person in charge of a county correctional institution.*

  • Two (2) Correctional Officers. One (1) of whom is an administrator of a state correctional institution, and one who is of the rank of sergeant or below within the employing agency.*

  • One (1) training center director*

  • One (1) Florida resident who falls into none of the above categories.*

  • The Attorney General or designated proxy

  • The Secretary of Department of Corrections or designated proxy

  • The Director of the Florida Highway Patrol


Section 943.11, F.S., requires a sheriff, chief of police, law enforcement officer, and correctional officer to have at least four (4) years of experience as a law enforcement or correctional officer to be considered for appointment as a member of the Commission. Members indicated by an asterisk (*) are appointed by the Governor for a term of four years.


Primary Responsibilities of the Commission:

  • Establish uniform minimum standards for the employment and training of full-time, part-time, and auxiliary law enforcement, and correctional and correctional probation officers.

  • Establish and maintain officer training programs, curricula requirements, and certification of training schools and training school instructors.

  • Certify officers who complete a Florida Basic Recruit Training Program, or who are diversely qualified through experience and training, and who meet minimum employment standards.

  • Review and administer appropriate administrative sanctions in instances when an officer, a training school instructor, or a training school is found in violation of Florida Statutes and Commission standards.

  • Promulgate rules and procedures to administer the requirements of Chapter 943.085 – 943.257, F.S.

  • Conduct studies of compensation, education, and training for the correctional, correctional probation, and law enforcement disciplines.

  • Maintain a central repository of records of all certified officers.

  • Conduct quarterly meetings to discuss issues and approve rules that relate to officer standards and training.

  • Develop, maintain, and administer the State Officer Certification Examination for criminal justice officers.