CJJIS Council Committees and Work Groups

The Council has embarked on an ambitious agenda of initiatives and projects in response to its statutory mandates. These activities are coordinated by committees comprised of Council members and subject matter experts that deal with specific issues in more detail. Through these committees, with representation again covering a cross section of impacted agencies, the Council will be able to address more issues, in more detail, than it could with its own limited meeting time. Committees  were created to do the detailed analysis required to formulate recommendations to the Council. These committees are comprised of representatives from the various constituencies in the public safety sector. Current committees and work groups include:

Federal Funding Work Group:
This Work Group, with representatives from all constituencies of the Council, has been highly effective in meeting and developing consensus on the appropriate use of federal funds available to Florida for the enhancement of criminal justice information systems. This group develops a unified plan for the sharing of available funding and recommends the plan to the Council for approval. The result is that Florida’s criminal justice agencies do not compete against each other for federal funding; rather, priorities are set and funds are allocated to projects meeting the needs of the criminal justice community as a whole. Significant federal funding has supported the development of the CJNet, as well as various other initiatives targeting the improvement of criminal history data in Florida.