Sector Fact Sheets / Key Resource Areas


  • All Businesses

  • Agriculture & Food - Associated segments include supply, processing, production, packaging, storage, distribution, & transportation

  • Banking & Finance - Associated segments include physical facilities, operations/service centers, regulatory institutions, physical repositories, telecommunications networks, emergency redundancy service areas

  • Chemical & Hazardous Materials Industry - Associated segments include manufacturing plants, transportation systems, distribution systems, storage/stockpile/supply areas, emergency response & communications systems

  • Communications - Associated segments include cable landing points, cellular/microwave/satellite systems, collocation sites, peering points, telecom hotels, operations, administration, maintenance & provisioning systems, public switched telecommunications networks (PSTN), switch/router areas, radio/cell towers, underwater cables

  • Critical Manufacturing - Associated segments include:
    1. Primary Metal Manufacturing - iron/steel mills, Ferro alloy, alumina and aluminum production and processing, non-ferrous metal production and processing
    2. Machinery Manufacturing - engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing
    3. Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Component Manufacturing - electrical equipment manufacturing
    4. Transportation Equipment Manufacturing - motor vehicle manufacturing, aerospace product and parts manufacturing, railroad rolling stock manufacturing and other transportation equipment manufacturing

  • Defense Industry Base - Associated segments include supply systems

  • Emergency Services - Associated segments include emergency medical services, law enforcement and emergency services command and control centers, communications systemsInformation Technology - Associated segments include fiber/copper cable, internet, network operations centers, access tandems

  • Energy - Associated segments include:
    1. Electricity – hydro electric dams, electric power generation plants, distribution systems, key substations, communications
    2. Oil & Natural Gas – off shore platforms, refineries, storage facilities, gas processing plants, product terminals, petroleum pipelines, natural gas pipelines, LNG facilities

  • Information Technology – Associated segments include fiber/copper cable, internet, network operations centers, access tandems.

  • National Monuments & Icons - Associated segments include historic buildings, monuments, national parks: more specifically; monuments, physical structures, or objects that are recognized both nationally and internationally representing the Nation’s heritage, traditions, and/or values or are recognized for their national, cultural, religious, historical, or political significance. They generally do not have a purpose or function that fits under the responsibility of another sector.

  • Postal and Shipping - Associated segments include processing facilities, distribution networks, transportation systems (air, truck, rail, boat) security

  • Public Health - Associated segments include blood supply facilities, health clinics, hospitals, laboratories, mental health facilities, mortuaries, National Institutes of Health, National Strategic Stockpile, nursing homes, pharmaceutical stockpiles, state & local health departments

  • Transportation - Associated segments include aviation, borders, bridges, busing, ferries, highways, maritime, mass transit (subways), pipelines, railways, seaports, trucking, tunnels

  • Water - Associated segments include dams, wells, reservoirs, & aqueducts; pumping stations, community water supply, sewer systems, storage facilities, transmission pipelines, treatment facilities

Key Resource Areas

  • Commercial Assets – Associated segments include:
    1. Commercial facilities - business/corporate centers, malls/shopping centers/retail outlets, hotels/convention centers, restaurant/food vendors
    2. Public Institutions – museums, zoos, libraries, educational facilities
    3. Recreational facilities – sports arena/stadiums/complexes, auditoriums/theaters, night club districts, theme/amusement parks, parks/forests, casinos, concert halls/ pavilions, racetracks
    4. Large public gatherings – parades, marches, fairgrounds, national security special events
    5. Residential communities – religious meeting places, apartment building

  • Dams – Associated segments include government owned, private/corporate owned

  • Government Facilities – Associated segments include office buildings, COOP/COG facilities, law enforcement facilities

  • Nuclear Power Plants – Associated segments include commercial power reactors, research & training reactors, fuel cycle facilities, spent fuel storage facilities, safety/security systems, irradiation facilities