Child Identification Program (ChIP)
The ChIP is a blood sampling program that gives parents or guardians the option of having their child's blood sample available in an emergency. In the event of your child's disappearance, his or her DNA would be available, from that blood sample, to law enforcement. In addition to providing information in the case of kidnappings or parental abductions, the sample could help with identification in cases of accidents or natural disasters.
This program is administered by a number of hospitals with birthing centers and county health departments in Florida. Please visit the ChIP website here to see if your area hospital or health department is participating in the ChIP program.

This concept is similar to programs in which children are fingerprinted. Storing a blood sample taken from your child allows you to have one more piece of information you could give to law enforcement in the event of an accident or the disappearance of your child. In a situation as terrifying as a missing child, you would want to provide all the information you possibly could. Participation in the ChIP allows you, the parent or guardian, to store your child's blood sample from which DNA could be taken when required. By storing the blood sample yourself, you can be best assured that no one else will have access to it.

Please be advised, this is only a blood sample. The blood sample DOES NOT need to be analyzed for DNA unless it is required for investigative purposes. If analysis is required, law enforcement will do it free of charge.

For Additional Information please contact the FDLE Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse toll-free number at 1-888-356-4774 or click HERE.