Crime in Florida - Pinellas County
Summary of UCR Data
County 2011 2012 % Change
Population 918,496 920,381 0.2
Total Arrests 45,856 44,703 -2.5
Total Index Offenses 40,863 38,762 -5.1
Violent Rate 613.8 555.9 -9.4
Non-Violent Rate 3,835.1 3,655.7 -4.7
Index Rate 4,448.9 4,211.5 -5.3

Crime Reports for Pinellas County

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1995 - 2012 Crime Reports available as Excel Files:
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Domestic Violence Related Offenses
Domestic Violence Related Forcible Sex Offenses

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Offenses: The 7 index crimes of Murder, Sexual Offenses, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft as reported to law enforcement (not arrest).
Violent Crime: Murder, Sexual Offenses, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault Offenses.
Non-Violent/Property Crime: Burglary, Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft Offenses.
Arrests: Part I and Part II Crimes.
Index Rate: Rate Per 100,000 Population.

*UCR data includes notice to appear.

Note: Florida has adopted a "Forcible Sex Offense" category that is not used at the Federal level. Florida's Forcible Sex Offenses (FSO) include forcible rape, attempted rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible fondling. Users of this site will note that various reports will use either a Forcible Rape or a FSO category in Index Offenses. When Forcible Rape is presented, it includes rape and attempted rape only, while forcible sodomy and forcible fondling are included in aggravated assault.