Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Checks
Provided by the Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System

Criminal History Record Checks for persons who work or volunteer with children, the elderly, or the disabled.

VECHS (pronounced "vecks") is an acronym for the Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The VECHS program was implemented in 1999 and is authorized by the National Child Protection Act (NCPA) (1993), as amended, and Florida Statute 943.0542 (1999).

The mission of the program is to protect children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Through the VECHS program, FDLE and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provide state and national criminal history record information on applicants, employees, and volunteers to qualified organizations (not individuals) in Florida. With this criminal history information, the organizations can more effectively screen out current and prospective volunteers and employees who are not suitable for contact with children, the elderly, or the disabled.

To be qualified to participate in the VECHS program, an organization (public, private, profit, or non-profit) must provide "care" or "care placement services", as defined in the above laws, to children, the elderly, or the disabled.

The VECHS program is not available to organizations currently required to obtain criminal history record checks on their employees and/or volunteers under other statutory provisions, such as daycare centers. Such organizations must continue to follow the statutory mandates that specifically apply to them. However, if an organization is required to obtain state and national checks on only specific types of employees or volunteers, the VECHS program may be able to process state and national checks on the organization’s other employees or volunteers.

To become a qualified organization and obtain criminal history record information through the VECHS program at FDLE, an organization will need to do the following:
  • Submit an application to FDLE explaining what functions the organization performs that serve children, the elderly or disabled persons;
  • Sign an agreement that the criminal history information will only be used to screen employees and volunteers of that organization for employment purposes;
  • Submit a Civil Workflow Customer Registration form;
If an organization becomes qualified, it must provide the required information for criminal history record requests and will need to submit $36 for each employee electronic submission, or $28.75 for each volunteer electronic submission.  Once the fingerprints and payment for the request is received FDLE, with the assistance of the FBI, will provide the organization with the following:
  • An indication that the person has no criminal history, i.e., no serious arrests in state or national databases, if there are none;
  • The criminal history record (RAP sheet) that shows arrests/and or convictions for Florida and other states, if any;
  • Notification of any warrants or domestic violence injunctions that the person may have.

Private School Criminal History Record Checks

Criminal History Record Checks for schools receiving scholarship funds under the provisions of Senate Bill 256, Chapter 2006-75, Laws of Florida.
Please contact the Florida Department of Education (DOE) Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice or your attorney to confirm who is required to be fingerprinted in order to have state and national criminal history record checks. They will also be able to confirm when these must be submitted.


VECHS Documents for New Applicants

Frequently Used VECHS Forms

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