Each Victim/Witness Protection Reimbursement funding request must be submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Investigations and Forensic Science (IFS) Program Office, c/o IFS, by published due date prior to the scheduled Council meeting.  The meeting schedules are posted on the VCDCC Home page of this site.  It is the responsibility of IFS to ensure that the funding application meets all case criteria. Furthermore, IFS is responsible for making ALL case presentations to the Council and Victim/Witness Protection Review Committee.
  1. Requests must include certification of the victim/witness from the Statewide Prosecutor or State Attorney of the jurisdiction from which the investigation or prosecution resides.  (The Statewide Prosecutor or State Attorney’s signature is required on page #2 of the Victim/Witness Protection Program Reimbursement application – form # FDLE/IFS-001)
  2. The Agency Head and Chief Financial Officer must sign page #2 of the above mentioned application to certify that the expenses claimed were true and correct.
  3. The agency must attach an itemization of expenses, clearly indicating expenses to be distributed to agencies other than the lead agency if applicable.  NOTE:  Do not state expenses as “miscellaneous.”  The agency must provide copies of receipts of expenditures.
  4. No reimbursement funding shall be provided for expenses incurred in an agency’s previous fiscal year.
  5. It should be noted that the Protection Review Committee may approve or deny, in whole or in part, all reimbursement requests submitted by law enforcement agencies.
  6. Funding requests shall be mailed to:
Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council
c/o Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Investigations and Forensic Science
Attn:  IFS/OPP-VCDCC Coordinator
P. O. box 1489
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
A FDLE designee will prepare an overview of each funding request to be presented to the Protection Review Committee for review.