Victim/Witness Protection Reimbursement Program Criteria and Guidelines
Mandatory Case or Victim/Witness Protection Criteria
  1. Victim or Witness is at Risk of Harm:  A victim or witness who, as a result of cooperating in an investigation or prosecution of a serious felony offense has been subjected to violence or other forms of intimidation, or who is the subject of a substantial threat to commit violence.
  2. Serious Felony Offense:   This means one of the following offenses, including, an attempt, solicitation or conspiracy to commit one of the following offenses: murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, aggravated stalking, aggravated battery, carjacking, home invasion robbery, burglary, arson, robbery, kidnapping, racketeering or trafficking in a controlled substance.
Per 914.25(4)(b)F.S. states, “Protective services, including temporary relocation services, may initially be provided for up to 1 year or until the risk giving rise to the certification has diminished, whichever occurs sooner.”
The submitting agency will complete and submit the Victim/Witness ProtectionReimbursement Application (Part 1 & 2) to the Investigations and Forensic Science (IFS) Program Office.  In addition, the agency will submit a “brief” independent case summary of the investigation. Agency investigative reports and excerpts from search warrant data cannot substitute for the required “independent case summary”.
The application must contain the following information:
  • The State Attorney or Statewide Prosecutor’s signature and date.  (Note: No application will be accepted with the Assistant State Attorney’s or Assistant Statewide Prosecutor’s Signature.)
  • Signature of the Agency Head and the Agency Chief Financial Officer
  • All receipts from expenses incurred within the agency’s current fiscal year.
  • The victim/witness can be certified for 1 year and up to 3 additional years thereafter if deemed in need of protective services.  After the first year, and each following year, the agency must demonstrate that the threat continues (current & credible) when requesting additional reimbursements.
  • The victim/witness must be re-certified annually by either the Statewide Prosecutor or a State Attorney.
The requesting agency must complete the application (Part 1 & 2) to include all required signatures (Agency Head and the Agency Chief Financial Officer). 
Part 1 of 2 – Victim/Witness Protection Reimbursement Application
Part 2 of 2 – State Financial Assistance Form
Note:  No application will be accepted if it does not contain all of the required data and signatures, or if it is received after the deadline designated by IFS. 

Eligible Expenses
When a victim or witness is certified, a law enforcement agency, in consultation with the certifying Statewide Prosecutor or State Attorney, may provide appropriate protective/relocation services. The services and expenses incurred for such services could be:
a. Other costs directly incurred by reason of providing protective services
b. Temporary relocation services to include expenses to transport a victim/witness to another location, monthly rental of temporary abode…however, do not claim expenses that would not be regularly incurred by the victim or witness had he or she not been in the protection program.
  • Monthly rental will be limited to $1200 a month
Ineligible Expenses
  • Deposits
  • Gift Cards
  • Food
Required Documentation
  • Receipts/Invoices
  • Rental Contracts for apartments
  • Proof of payment