Violent Crime and Drug Control Council

Council Membership

Council Chairman
Bernie McCabe, State Attorney
Office of the State Attorney, 6th Judicial Circuit

William Snyder, Sheriff
Martin County

A.J. "Tony" Smith, Sheriff
Franklin County

Robert Hicks, Chief
Leesburg Police Department

Police Chief

Donna Uzzell, Special Agent in Charge
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Dr. Russell Vega, Chief Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner’s Office, District 12

Samuel Culpepper, Director of Intelligence
Florida Department of Corrections

Katie Cunningham, Policy Coordinator
Public Safety Unit
Governor’s Office of Planning and Budgeting

Robert Munson, Inspector General
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Jim Schneider, General Counsel
Attorney General’s Office

Concetta Holmes, Designee
Florida Network of Victim Witness Services, Inc.

Julie Collins, Program Specialist
Office of Safe Schools
Florida Department of Education

Jay Etheridge, Assistant Chief Financial Officer
Florida Department of Financial Services