FDLE's Arrest/Clerk Statute Table

The FDLE Statute Table was developed for use in various criminal justice applications including the Integrated Criminal History Network (ICHN). It was developed in conjunction with the Office of State Courts Administrator, the Florida Association of Court Clerks, the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Corrections in order to streamline and standardize the criminal justice information system. The table is drawn from the Florida statutes and includes chargeable (arrestable) offenses and violations listed by Florida statute number.  It is not intended to be useful to members of the general public who are doing statute research.  Such research is best performed using the Florida Legislature's own web site.

For more information on the 2016 release of the Arrest/Clerk Statute Table, please refer to the  CJIS Memorandum that was distributed by FDLE.

***Please Note: There are two versions of this table. The Arrest Table used by arresting and booking agencies contains only the arrestable offenses. The Clerk’s Table used by the Clerks of Court and the court system contains the arrestable offenses and statutory history, such as when a statute was repealed or renumbered. Please be sure to select the version appropriate for your agency.

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Field Descriptions

Each listing in the statute table contains:

  1. The Florida Statute Number.
  2. The Florida Statute Subsection (if any).
  3. The appropriate four digit AON/FCIC uniform offense numeric code.
  4. The Level (Misdemeanor/Felony) of the offense.
  5. The Degree (First/Second/Third/Capital/Life) of the offense.
  6. A Juvenile indicator code. J -- A juvenile who is charged with one of these offenses must be fingerprinted and the fingerprints sent to FDLE.  These offenses include all felonies and a number of misdemeanors specified by the Florida Statutes. N -- This identifies those misdemeanors for which a juvenile may be fingerprinted.  These fingerprints may be forwarded to FDLE and become part of the Computerized Criminal History database.
  7. The AON/FCIC standard charge description.
  8. An expanded description of the statute offense.

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If you would like to be notified of updates to this table please e-mail FDLE and leave your internet address, agency name, and a contact person. Upon your review and use of this table, should you have any questions or determine any additional entries or modifications may be necessary, please contact:

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