Application Checklist

The following checklists should help you make sure your application for a Certificate of Eligibility to expunge or seal a Florida criminal record, under Section 943.0585 or Section 943.059, Florida Statutes, is complete.

Items required for an application to be accepted for processing:

  • Completed, signed and notarized, Application for Certification of Eligibility
  • A check or money order made payable to FDLE in the amount of $75 - unless you are applying for a juvenile diversion expunction
  • A certified copy of the final disposition of the case you are applying to have sealed or expunged. If you were given probation or pretrial intervention, a certified copy of the probation termination or pretrial intervention completion is required, along with the final court disposition.
  • A legible set of fingerprints taken by a law enforcement or criminal justice agency on an applicant fingerprint card or the fingerprint form provided with the application packet.
  • If an expungement is being sought, Section B of the application must be completed and signed by the appropriate prosecuting attorney or statewide prosecutor.
If any of the items listed above, are not present, the application will be returned to the applicant with a letter stating which items need to be included. Once all items are obtained and the application is resubmitted, it will be accepted for processing.