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Partnership Guide
Find out how you can help raise awareness of the indicators of terrorist activity through outreach materials and educating the public.
To become a partner, send an email to and include:
  1. Your name and contact information (phone, email)
  2. The entity you represent (government agency, company, etc.)
  3. The city and state in which your entity is located*
* If materials are being used in multiple states or jurisdictions, please provide a list of locations so that materials can be matched to specific reporting information.

See Something, Say Something

Recognize the Signs of Suspicious Activity – Handout
This Department of Homeland Security infographic helps you recognize the signs of terrorism-related suspicious activity.  If you’re a business owner, religious or community leader, print this infographic and hang it in your employee breakroom, religious facility or community center.

Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities – Handout
This fact sheet provides examples of suspicious activity and what to do if you see it.

Potential Indicators of Suspicious Activity on the Internet – Handout.
This fact sheet provides examples of suspicious activity on the internet and what to do if you see it.

Suspicious or Unattended?
This Department of Homeland Security poster and postcard was created to help you quickly recognize and respond to unattended and/or suspicious items. Print this graphic and hang it in your breakroom, religious facility, or community center.

Download Poster
Download Postcard

Pathway to Violence: Warning Signs and What You Can Do

This Department of Homeland Security handout and video explains the warning signs that may lead to violence and what individuals can do to mitigate a potential incident.

Warning Signs Handout
Pathway to Violence Video

“If You See Something, Say Something™” – Poster
Download and print a poster for your company breakroom or put them on display for your customers to see that security is a priority for your business. Posters come in three sizes.

Download 4X5 poster
Download 5X7 poster
Download 8X10 poster

“If you See Something, Say Something™” – Television PSAs
Use these DHS PSAs on TVs in breakrooms or monitors inside your business, religious facility or community center. DHS has general PSAs and PSAs for sporting events, schools, religious facilities, transportation and retail sectors.

Why I See Say - 15 Seconds
Why I See Say - 30 Seconds
Why I See Say - 60 Seconds

Active Shooter Preparedness

Avoid | Deny | Defend™  - Online Resource
Texas State University’s ALERRT Center developed Avoid | Deny | Defend™ to teach citizens how to protect themselves in an active shooter situation. Their website contains an easy to understand video and tips anyone can follow to stay safe. 

Run. Hide. Fight. – Online Resource
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aims to enhance preparedness through a "whole community" approach by providing products, tools, and resources to help you prepare for and respond to an active shooter incident.

Bomb Threat Preparedness

Bomb Threat Preparedness – Online Resource
Homeland Security’s Office for Bombing Prevention has a video, checklist and even training on what to do in the event of a bomb threat.