FDLE Targets Prescription Drug Traffickers in “Operation Pain Killer II”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) today announced the arrest of 76 individuals and the seizure of more than 28,000 prescription pills in “Operation Pain Killer II,” an aggressive two-month initiative targeting Central Florida prescription drug traffickers. This initiative was a continuation of the cooperative effort by Central Florida law enforcement to combat the epidemic of prescription narcotic abuse and the danger it poses to citizens throughout Florida. The multi-agency operation was conducted Jan. 1, 2011 through March 1, 2011.

The effort focused on traffickers in Orange, Lake, Seminole and Osceola Counties who sold prescription medications they had obtained by visiting “pill mills” throughout Florida. The majority of the individuals were charged with trafficking in Schedule II narcotics. During the course of the operation, law enforcement agencies seized large quantities of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Alprazolam. 

Two Orange County pain management clinics, A-Stop Pain Management and Total Medical Express of Orlando, were closed by the Florida Department of Health during the course of the operation due to license violations.
FDLE’s Orlando Regional Operations Center coordinated the investigation and partnered with neighboring county drug task forces and multiple other state and federal agencies. Participating agencies included: the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, Seminole City-County Investigative Bureau, Osceola County Investigative Bureau, Lake Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce, Central Florida HIDTA, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Police Department, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Oviedo Police Department, Florida Department of Health, the State Attorney’s Offices for the 5th, 7th, 9th and 18th Judicial Circuits.
For Further Information Contact:
Heather Smith, Keith Kameg or Kristi Gordon
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001

NAME R/S City of residence DOB CHARGES
A Stop Pain Management       Unauthorized inventory seized while serving emergency suspension order
Attaway, Lindsey Marie W/F Geneva 4/29/1984 Distributing Oxycodone
Possession of Marijuana
Baker, Mark Alan W/M Altamonte Springs 4/22/1969 Trafficking in Oxycodone
Baker, Tarra Rachelle W/F Orlando 2/4/1976 Oxycodone-Possession
Bauer, Mallory Lura W/F Sanford 5/1/1990 Possession of Oxycodone
Possession of Drug Equipment
Brekke, Clinton Maurice W/M Cocoa 7/1/1968 Possession of Oxycodone & Alprazalam w/o Prescription
Brekke, Valerie Schweitzer W/F Cocoa 4/7/1971 Distributing Oxycodone / Possession of Marijuana
Brown, Karen Lamb W/F Orange City 2/10/1975 Possession of Synthetic Narcotic w/o Prescription
Burkett, Leland Scott W/M Palm Bay 2/12/1983 Opium Derivative-Sell / Possession of Synthetic Narcotic
Callahan, Charles Douglas W/M Merritt Island 8/10/1990 Sale of Oxycodone w/i 1000 ft of specified area, Sale of Alprazalam w/I 1000 ft of specified area
Campbell, Debra Lee W/F Sanford 12/12/1969 Distributing Oxycodone
Chevalleau, Astor B W/M Apopka 6/17/1983 Trafficking Oxycodone
Cintron, Roberto H/M Orange City 5/8/1988 Possession of Controlled Substance w/o Prescription
Correll, Mary Allison W/F Orlando 12/1/1983 Possess Controlled Substance WO Prescription
Cruz, Jessica Dawn W/F Geneva 7/17/1980 Sale of Oxycodone w/i 1000 ft of specified area, Possess over 20gm Marijuana; Possess Valium; Possess Adderall
Dawson, Timothy Kemp W/M Ormond Beach 9/22/1959 Distributing Oxycodone/Possession of Suboxone
Devilvis, Keith W/M Unknown 1/22/1968 Trafficking in Oxycodone
Dixon, Daniel D. B/M Unknown 4/23/1987 Purchase of Oxycodone
Erickson, Justin Dylan W/M Sanford 9/9/1980 Oxycodone-Possess
Fernandez, Rickey Alberto W/M Unknown 6/15/1988 Possession of Controlled Substance w/o Prescription
Fiumara, Lisa W/F Unknown 7/6/1969 Xanax-Possession
Franklin, Jacob Allan W/M Umatilla 2/17/1982 Possession of Schedule II Narcotic/
Sale of Oxycodone
Froelicher, Andrew Stephen W/M Winter Garden 8/11/1985 Trafficking Oxycodone
Trafficking Hydrocodone
Gibbons, Treena W/F Brandon 6/3/1974 Sale of Methadone / Possession with intent to sell Methadone
Girst, Anna Marie W/F Deltona 9/9/1983 Possession of Controlled Substance w/o Prescription
Glassmyer, Mark F. W/M Melbourne 11/16/1988 Sale of Oxycodone w/i 1000 ft of specified area, Sale of Alprazalam w/I 1000 ft of specified area
Goepel, Frederick Jerome W/M Orlando 4/21/1962 Distribution of Opium Derivative
Golden, Erick Michael W/M Oviedo 4/3/1991 Conspiracy to Traffic Opium or Derivative
Gouch, Gregory B/M Altamonte Springs 9/6/1972 Possess Controlled Substance WO Prescription
Graham, Jackie Renee W/F Grand Island 7/31/1975 Sale of Oxycodone
Gregg, Jeffrey Dewayne W/M Sanford 7/30/1989 Distributing Oxycodone
Gunter, Nichole W/F Eustis 4/23/1980 Purchase of Schedule II Narcotic
Hanover, Robert Jeremy W/M Mims 11/9/1982 Distribution of Oxycodone
Hansel, Bethany R. W/F Edgewater 12/1/1986 Oxycodone-Possession
Hardig, Carrie W/F Leesburg 7/1/1977 Trafficking in Oxycodone
Harris, William Edward W/M Oviedo 7/20/1990 Conspiracy to Traffic Opium or Derivative
Hencken, Jason Robert W/M Ponce Inlet 9/20/1973 Possession of Controlled Substance w/o Prescription / Possession of Marijuana
Hepler, Michael John W/M Saint Cloud 1/9/1980 Trafficking Oxycodone
Higginbotham, Travis Kyle W/M Titusville 9/10/1984 Purchase of Oxycodone
Horn, Samantha W/F Tavares 6/4/1978 Sale of Adderall
Hunter, John Joseph W/M Orlando 8/8/1970 Trafficking Oxycodone
Distribution of Diazepam
Jones, David Allen W/M Orlando 1/20/1980 Attempt to obtain Oxycodone & Alprazolam by Fraud, Uttering Forged Prescription
Kemm, Brian Lee W/M Deltona 10/18/1974 Distributing Oxycodone/Possession of Marijuana
Kerby, Kent M. W/M Unknown 4/2/1986 Trafficking in Oxycodone
Lopez, Gilberto W/M Orlando 6/1/1966 Sale of Marijuana w/i 1000 ft of specified area; Oxycodone-Possess WIT Sell; Suboxone-Possess
Marcelino, Jessica W/F Mount Dora 9/18/1978 Sale of Alprazolam
Marinello, Morgan Elena W/F Orlando 10/31/1988 Attempt to obtain Oxycodone & Alprazolam by Fraud, Uttering Forged Prescription
Martinez, Kelvin Raul W/M Apopka 2/7/1986 Distribution of Opium Derivative
Mathes, Michael Edward W/M Sanford 6/6/1966 Possession of Controlled Substance
Maxfield, Larry Adam W/M Indialantic 7/25/1983 Possession of Opium Derivative
Miller, Matthew S. W/M Ormond Beach 12/16/1959 Distributing Oxycodone
Mollenhauer, Mark W/M Winter Springs 6/24/1956 Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Moore, Thomas David W/M Orange City 8/5/1980 Possession of Oxycodone w/o Prescription
Nix, Jonathan W/M Leesburg 10/12/1990 Acc. After the Fact: Purchase Oxycodone
Perez, Carlos Arnaldo H/M Lady Lake 2/11/1985 Conspiracy to Traffic in Schedule II Narcotic
Perkins, Robert Eugene W/M Sanford 4/29/1960 Distribution of Oxycodone / Possess
Hydrocodone / DWLS
Podnos, Jacob Lewis W/M Merritt Island 2/11/1990 Oxycodone-Possession
Raila, Maria Helen W/F Winter Park 3/26/1974 Distribution of Opium Derivative
Rhodes, Emily W/F Umatilla 1/5/1991 Purchase Oxycodone
Richardson, Cynthia W/F Chuluota 4/2/1961 Distribution of Opium Derivative
Sapeg, Juan Jose H/M Orlando 4/23/1981 Trafficking of Opium Derivative
Sawyer, Rocky Lee W/M Port Orange 11/17/1984 Possess of Oxycodone with intent to sell
Smith, Milton Allen B/M Sanford 6/11/1989 Possess Controlled Substance WO Prescription
Starling, Staci Lynn W/F Deltona 6/13/1968 Possession of Controlled Substance w/o Prescription
Stults, Stephen Mathew W/M Orange City 11/15/1969 Distribution of Opium Derivative
Summerlin, Loretta Jean W/F Sanford 8/25/1963 Possession of Oxycodone
Possession of Hydrocodone
Total Medical Express of Orlando
aka: Orlando Pain and Rejuvenation
      Unauthorized inventory seized while serving emergency suspension order
Towers, Candy W/F Eustis 6/1/1983 Trafficking Sch. II Narcotic, Possession & Sell of Sch. II Narcotic
Vialon, John W/M Mount Dora 11/22/1968 Purchase Oxycodone
Waldron, Desmond B/M Orlando 3/27/1963 Possess New Legend Drug WO Prescription
Williams, Scot Charles W/M Mount Dora 10/6/1984 Trafficking in Schedule II Narcotic
Wilson, Deborah Lynne W/F Ft Myers 1/2/1968 Attempt to obtain Morphine by Fraud, Uttering Forged Prescription
Wolfe, Sharon W/F Tavares 10/8/1970 Purchase Alprazolam
Wright, Dale Fredrick W/M Winter Park 5/31/1990 Conspiracy to Traffic Opium or Derivative
Young, Gerald Travis W/M Casselberry 7/16/1988 Trafficking Oxycodone
Youngs, Kristina Renee W/F Orlando 8/9/1989 Oxycodone-Possess
Zeigler, Devin Mathias W/M Oviedo 9/30/1988 Trafficking of Opium Derivative