Tallahassee Sexual Battery Task Force Charges Jake Butler in Second Case

The Sexual Battery Task Force, comprised of members from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee Police Department, and the Office of the State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit, today charged Jake Butler, 25, of Tallahassee, with the April 13 sexual battery that occurred in Killearn Acres. Butler is charged with one count of kidnapping to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony and one count of sexual battery with a deadly weapon.

Authorities previously arrested Butler on Wednesday and charged him with the sexual battery that occurred May 14 at a Delaney Drive apartment. The female victim reported the then unidentified suspect presented himself as a maintenance worker who then attacked her once in her apartment.

FDLE’s Crime Lab tested the DNA left at the scene of the April 13 and May 14 sexual batteries and determined that the same person committed both acts.

The victim on Delaney Drive was able to provide a suspect description and assist with a composite sketch of the suspect. Butler was developed as a possible suspect and a photo line-up including the defendant was created. The victim positively identified the defendant as her attacker.

Upon Butler’s arrest on Wednesday, authorities executed a search warrant for his DNA and it was sent to FDLE for comparison to the DNA profiles left in the two cases. Butler’s DNA profile was positively matched to the suspect DNA profile in one of the Killearn Acres and the Delaney Drive case.

The Task Force continues to investigate the sexual battery that occurred May 1 in Killearn Acres. Butler is considered a suspect in the case. He is currently being held in the Leon County Jail.

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