FDLE Announces Governor’s Budget Recommendations

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Commissioner Gerald Bailey today announced Governor Charlie Crist’s fiscal year 2010-2011 budget recommendations for the agency. The recommendations include four new positions and $1.4 million which would bring the agency’s total budget to $251.3 million.

“These proposed enhancements represent investments in public safety. The money for the DNA infrastructure will curb violent crime and the money for the mortgage industry backgrounds will curb white collar crime,” said Commissioner Bailey. “The problems addressed are costing our taxpayers millions and funds for these programs will reduce these costs.”

The Governor Crist’s budget recommendations include:

Rapid identification devices for use in the expansion of the DNA Database to include arrestees, $1,157,500 – In 2009, the Legislature authorized a multi-year, phased in expansion of the State’s DNA Database to collect DNA samples from felony arrestees. The funds recommended for Fiscal Year 2010-11 would lay the foundation for the expansion by placing Rapid Identification (Rapid ID) fingerprint devices in booking facilities. The devices would be used to confirm the identity of the arrestee and notify the facility if the arrestee’s DNA is already stored in the database. The technology will be a long-term cost savings, as it will eliminate duplicate DNA collections, reduce data entry of offender information, expedite entry of the sample into the DNA Database, and minimize the personnel necessary to facilitate the expansion to arrestees. Devices would be provided to state prisons, county jails, courtrooms, Department of Juvenile Justice facilities, and probation and parole locations throughout Florida.

Meeting the demand for criminal history background checks for mortgage broker applicants, 3 FTE, $175,291–

The S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 requires applicants for loan originator licenses, mortgage broker licenses and mortgage lender licenses to submit fingerprints to FDLE for a state and national background check. This mandate becomes effective October 1, 2010, and will result in an estimated 50,000 additional background checks during the first year, and approximately 4,500 requests annually in subsequent years. Additional positions are needed to meet this growth in demand and ensure background check results are provided to licensing authorities quickly and efficiently.

Improved automation for criminal history background check processing, 1 FTE, $102,053–

FDLE maintains the central repository of criminal records in Florida and processes more than one million record checks annually on applicants for employment, licensing, and other related purposes. The funds recommended would enable FDLE to implement a more sophisticated applicant record check search that would automatically search against the fingerprints on file in the criminal history system without a demographic (name search) being conducted first. This change would bring Florida into compliance with federal law and maximize the ability to identify an applicant’s previous criminal record.

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