Cabinet Recognizes FDLE Members for Outstanding Service

Three members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will be honored with resolutions from Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet tomorrow morning. Special Agent Ellen Wilcox, Crime Laboratory Analyst Leigh Clark and Staff Assistant Rosa Gomez will be duly recognized for their exemplary efforts in 2007. Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink will sponsor the resolutions.

Special Agent (SA) Wilcox was selected as FDLE’s “Special Agent of the Year” as a result of her outstanding investigative efforts. SA Wilcox is a nationally recognized expert in the field of mortgage fraud. She served as the case agent on a complex mortgage fraud investigation that included victims both in Florida and other states. As a result of her tenacious investigative work, 10 brokers and lenders were arrested for fraudulent mortgage loans. Those arrested were responsible for submitting approximately 180 loans totaling nearly $18 million. Wilcox joined FDLE in 1980.

Crime Laboratory Analyst (SCLA) Clark was named FDLE’s “Forensic Scientist of the Year” for her key role in assisting FDLE’s Ft. Myers Regional Operations Center with opening its biology lab, enabling the region to begin working DNA cases. As member of FDLE’s Jacksonville lab, SCLA Clark relocated to Ft. Myers to train analysts, help set up the biology lab and ready the new lab equipment. Clark joined FDLE in 2005.

Staff Assistant Gomez was given the “Commissioner’s Award” for exceptional performance in the department’s Office of Executive Investigations. Assigned to the reception desk at the main entrance of FDLE’s Headquarters, Gomez provides exemplary customer service to hundreds of visitors each week. As the first face visitors see when they visit the department, Gomez manages phone calls and deliveries while providing prompt, professional and courteous attention to each visitor. The Commissioner’s Award gives special recognition to an unsung hero whose performances are outstanding, yet sometimes low profile in the department. Gomez joined FDLE in 2003.

FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey will accompany these three FDLE members when they receive the resolutions at 9 a.m. at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow inside the state Capitol.

For more information, contact:

Heather Smith or Kristen Perezluha
FDLE Public Information Office
(850) 410-7001