Law enforcement agencies conduct sexual predator/offender operation

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) Tallahassee Regional Operations Center (TROC) partnered with the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee Police Department, and the Florida Department of Corrections to conduct a Sexual Offender Apprehension Program (SOAP) operation. The operation was conducted in Gadsden and Jefferson counties from June 9 through June 12, and in Leon County from June 23 through June 26.

The initiative was held to identify, locate and bring into compliance or arrest non-compliant sexual predators and offenders, and to verify addresses of sexual predators and offenders who are in compliance. This operation was able to verify the compliance of more than 300 sexual predators and offenders. Two registered sexual predators determined not to be in compliance were arrested during this operation.

The two subjects that were arrested during this operation were:

Berrion Davis, 55, 1224 Eppes St., Apartment 1, Tallahassee; charged with violation of probation for possession of a weapon.

Nathaniel Dunham, 21, 5249 Water Valley Dr., Tallahassee; charged with violation of probation for possession of a weapon.

Sexual offenders and predators are required by law to report in person to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) within 48 hours of establishing a temporary or permanent residence or of any changes in their temporary or permanent address. State law requires that offenders and predators report to DHMSV to obtain an updated or renewed driver license or identification card displaying the designation: “943.0435, F. S” or “775.21, F.S.” Sexual predators and offenders must also register in person with their local sheriff’s office either two or four times a year, depending on their offense and designation. Failure to comply is a third-degree felony.

In March, FDLE and local law enforcement partners unveiled a new and innovative feature on Florida’s Sexual Offender/Predator Registry Web site. Citizens can now sign up to receive e-mail alert notifications when a registered sexual offender or predator moves into their neighborhood or within a radius of any other designated location. Citizens can also opt to track address changes reported by selected registered offenders or predators. The service is offered statewide and at no charge. To access the system, visit

For more information, contact:

Phil Kiracofe
Public Information Officer
FDLE - Tallahassee
(850) 410-7506