Gang Members Sentenced after Multi-Agency Investigation in Manatee County

On February 8, 2008, Judge Richard Lazarra sentenced Joseph Ungarelli, 46, to a 240-month prison term to be followed by 120 months of supervised release. Judge Lazarra also sentenced Ungarelli’s co-defendant, Shawn Lee, 27, to an 87-month prison term and 60 months of supervised release. Ungarelli and Lee previously pled guilty to conspiring to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine (Title 21, U.S.C. 846).

This investigation began in November 2005 when authorities received information alleging Ungarelli and Lee’s involvement in numerous criminal activities including loan sharking, cocaine trafficking, extortion and arson. Ungarelli, a member of the Renegades Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) and Lee, a member of the "Norte 14" street gang directly participated in or facilitated these criminal activities through other individuals. Yan Domenech, 32, was recently sentenced to a 77-month prison term and ordered to pay $182,000 in restitution for an arson Ungarelli hired him to commit. One additional conspirator, Rick Graef, has been indicted for his role in this arson. As other aspects of this investigation continue to progress, additional indictments relating to loan sharking, extortion, money laundering and cocaine trafficking are expected to be handed down.

The investigation was a joint effort by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sarasota Field Office, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Florida.

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