FDLE Agents Charge Man with Criminal Use of Personal Identification

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement announces the arrest of Esequiel Sosa-Zamarripa, 41, of Palmetto on a charge of criminal use of personal identification, a second-degree felony. Sosa-Zamarripa was arrested on Feb. 22 in southern Manatee County with the assistance of agents from the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Sosa-Zamarripa had been previously deported from the United States after entering the country illegally. Recently, he re-entered the United States illegally and was working under the name and Social Security number of a deceased person. He was also in possesion of a counterfeit immigration card.

Sosa-Zamarripa has prior arrests for DUI, burglary and aggravated assault. If convicted of his current charge, he faces a minimum mandatory sentence of three years. Federal charges against Sosa-Zamarripa are pending.

For more information, contact:

Trena Reddick
Public Information Officer
FDLE - Fort Myers
(813) 878-7239 or 878-7300