First National Cargo Theft Security Summit to be held in Safety Harbor

The first National Cargo Theft Security Summit will be held April 15-16 at the Safety Harbor Resort, 105 N. Bayshore Drive, Safety Harbor, Fla. The summit is being hosted by Robert M. “Bear” Bryant, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean, who serves as Co-Chairman of the National Cargo Theft Task Force. The summit allows law enforcement professionals, trucking companies, insurance representatives, state representatives, and federal legislators to meet and exchange strategies and tactics to help protect the nation’s transportation industry.

Cargo thieves associated with organized crime networks have taken their operations to a new level, threatening the safety of citizens. Those who once targeted high-dollar items such as electronics, clothing, cigarettes, sport items and frozen foods have now advanced to stealing pharmaceuticals worth as much as $100 million per trailer load. Many of these drugs are being sold on the black market with little attention paid to the fact that many of these drugs must be stored under specific temperatures. In addition, authorities believe some of these commercial vehicles have been linked to terrorism in the United States and abroad.

To address these concerns, the first National Cargo Theft Security Summit will focus on a national strategy to thwart cargo theft as well as generate Congressional support. Parts of the national strategy have already been approved in the 109th Session of Congress.

During the summit, the insurance and transportation industries will discuss problems they face as a result of pharmaceutical thefts and how it affects consumers, public health and other state and federal regulations.

The summit will run from 8am to 5pm on Tuesday, April 15th and from 8am to noon on Wednesday, April 16th. Media is invited to attend. Additional information regarding the availability of key officials for interviews will be forthcoming in a subsequent advisory.

Florida’s Statewide Cargo Theft Task Force consist of the Florida’s Sheriff’s Association, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Department of Transportation, South Florida TOMCATS, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Insurance Crime Bureau.

For more information, contact:

Captain James Pogue
Information Services Division
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Office: 352-368-3594

Frank G. Scafidi
Director, Public Affairs
National Insurance Crime Bureau
(916) 979-7025 (Sacramento, CA)
(847) 544 - 7041 (Des Plaines, IL)

Roy P. Hudson, Jr.
Director of Law Enforcement Services
Florida Sheriffs Association
PH (850) 877-2165

Lieutenant Jeff Frost
Public Information Officer
Motor Carrier Compliance Office
Phone: (850) 245-7908

Nancy Perez
Acting Commander
Miami Dade Police Department
(305) 471-1900

Trena Reddick
Public Information Officer
FDLE - Tampa Bay
(813) 878-7239 or 878-7300