Miami Man Arrested in Ongoing Sexual Battery investigation

A Miami man who allegedly had sex with a drugged woman while another person filmed the assault has been arrested by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents.

Emerson D. Callum, 41, of Miami, was arrested earlier today at his residence by FDLE special agents and charged with two counts of sexual battery - victim mentally or physically incapacitated; delivery of a controlled substance; and conspiracy to commit sexual battery.

After his arrest, Callum was transported to the Dade County Jail. FDLE agents and Miramar police also executed a search warrant at Miami Vibes Inc. at 3590 S. State Road 7 in Miramar.

Agents alleged that Callum, owner of Miami Vibes Inc., had sex with a female victim while another person recorded the assault. The victim told investigators that she was incapacitated during the assault, which was committed by a man with multiple tattoos.

Investigators said the victim likely was drugged prior to the assault when she was asked to drink three shots of liquor given to her by another man who later recorded the sexual assault. After drinking the liquor, the victim felt incapacitated and was then taken to another location that was identified as the 3590 S. State Road 7 address in Miramar.

Once there, the victim told investigators she was sexually assaulted by one man and filmed by another man. Afterward, the victim was driven back to her car where she was dropped off. At that time, she was able to write down the license tag of the vehicle in which she had been transported. She woke up two hours later and contacted police.

Callum is the second person arrested in the ongoing investigation involving victims from South Florida and other areas. The Miami-Dade Police Department laboratory was able to compare DNA standards from Callum and match them to the DNA profiles obtained from swabs taken from the victim.

Earlier this year, Miami-Dade police arrested Lavont Flanders Jr. on two counts of sexual battery on women who were incapacitated. Flanders is a former police officer and Miami-Dade County bus driver. Flanders has been in jail since his July 13 arrest.

Authorities alleged that Flanders contacted the female victims after seeing their photos on various web sites. Most of the victims, including the woman above, communicated with Flanders via computer and/or cell phone and believed they had been contacted for modeling opportunities and photo shoots. In some instances, Flanders initially posed as a woman by using women's names when he contacted the victims.

After the victims met with Flanders, who at times claimed he was a representative of various businesses, he allegedly asked them to drink an alcoholic beverage that investigators believe contained a drug to incapacitate the women. Investigators believe that Flanders and Callum are associates.

Anyone who may have been a victim is asked to call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477; FDLE Special Agent Maggie Bonilla at 305-470-5500 or Miramar police at 954-602-4000.

For more information, contact:

Paige Patterson-Hughes
Public Information Officer
FDLE - Miami
(954) 958-5400