Sheriff Bob Hansell Appointed Co-Chair of Task Force

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey is pleased to announce the appointment of Osceola County Sheriff Robert “Bob” Hansell as co-chair of the Region 5 Domestic Security Task Force based in Orlando. Sheriff Hansell will serve with FDLE Special Agent in Charge Joyce Dawley as task force co-chairs. The appointment is effective April 1.

Sheriff Hansell has served with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office since 1976. He began as a deputy sheriff and was eventually promoted to captain. He has served as a member and commander of the agency’s SWAT team and as the high-risk incident commander. Sheriff Hansell is a graduate of the J. Stone Law Enforcement Academy as well as the 109th Administrative Officers Course at the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville. He was elected Sheriff in 2004.

Sheriff Hansell will serve a four-year term as co-chair of the Region 5 Domestic Security Task Force. The strategy behind the planned co-chair rotation allows other police chiefs and sheriffs within the various regions to add new perspectives and expertise.

Outgoing co-chair Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary has served as co-chair of the Region 5 Domestic Security Task Force since the inception of the state’s regional domestic security task forces in 2001. During his tenure, Sheriff Beary has made significant contributions to the state’s domestic security strategy and to building a safer Florida. Sheriff Beary was instrumental in bringing Urban Area Security Initiative back to Orlando and Orange County. He will continue to serve the RDSTF as the Florida Sheriff’s Association Task Force co-chair under Law Enforcement Response.

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