February is Record Month for Florida’s DNA Database

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) today announced that during the month of February, the State of Florida’s Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS) documented the highest number of hits for a month since its inception in 1989. The State of Florida’s CODIS system is comprised of FDLE’s regional DNA laboratories as well as county and local DNA laboratories working in conjunction with FDLE’s Convicted Offender DNA Database. From Feb. 1 – Feb. 28, the DNA Database recorded hits to 244 unsolved crimes, helping identify subjects in 188 investigations.

On average, the FDLE DNA Database receives approximately 5,000 DNA submissions from convicted offenders each month. These submissions undergo DNA analysis and are entered into the state’s CODIS database where they are searched against DNA evidence found at a crime scene.

“Florida’s DNA Database is one of the most valuable crime solving tools in our state – literally cracking cases on a daily basis,” said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. “This is technology that puts an offender at the scene of the crime, links unsolved cases together, and provides information that is often pivotal to a law enforcement investigation. There is no telling how many additional crimes have been prevented through the work of the Database and its powerful ability to put violent offenders behind bars.”

In 1989, the FDLE DNA Database was created through Chapter 943.325, Florida Statutes. The law requires individuals convicted of certain offenses to submit a DNA sample to the FDLE DNA Database. The law further requires DNA analysis to be performed on each sample and the results of these analyses to be stored for comparison of DNA from unresolved cases in an attempt to identify the perpetrator.

FDLE has one of the largest crime lab systems in the country and provides crime scene response as well as conducts analysis in eight forensic disciplines. Last fiscal year, FDLE scientists completed over 80,000 service requests containing more than 300,000 pieces of evidence. FDLE’s seven crime labs provide forensic analysis at no charge to Florida’s law enforcement agencies. The labs have been professionally accredited by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board since 1990.

For Further Information Contact:
Heather Smith or Kristen Perezluha
FDLE Office of Public Information
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