Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agents Arrest South Florida Man on Charges Relating to False Bomb Threats

Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agents have arrested a South Florida man in connection with several bomb threats that were made to state Department of Corrections probation and parole offices in Broward County.

Joshua Bowles, 32, of Fort Lauderdale, was charged Monday with false reports concerning planting of a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction in or committing against state property and violation of probation. Bowles currently is on probation for habitual driving while license suspended.

According to special agents, Bowles confessed to making the telephonic threats to two probation and parole offices in Broward County on April 17. The motive for making the calls is still under investigation.

In the first telephone threat, the call was made to a probation and parole office. About an hour later, a second call was made, this time to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department concerning a probation and parole office in Hollywood.

Through investigative techniques, agents were able to identify a "person of interest" concerning the calls. They distributed a flier with that person's photo to various agencies and on Monday, with the assistance of Fort Lauderdale police, authorities were able to identify Bowles as a suspect regarding the calls. Agents then arrested Bowles and transported him to the Fort Lauderdale City Jail.

For more information, contact:

Paige Patterson-Hughes
Public Information Officer
FDLE - Miami
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