Seized DrugsĀ Evidence Submission Guidelines

  • You will need a weight (or a count for tablets/capsules) of the evidence when you submit. It should indicate the value is a bare weight or total package weight;

  • Stomach contents will not be analyzed for the presence of controlled substances by the Seized Drugs Section;

  • Psilocybin mushrooms, drug paraphernalia, cannabis exhibits with a total weight of <20 grams of plant material and cases involving Clandestine Laboratories require prior supervisor approval;

  • Analysis to Differentiate Cannabis from Hemp or Industrial Hemp is also referred to as our 1% THC testing method.
    • Submissions for this test method are accepted for plant material weighing over 50 grams and liquid and waxy extracts weighing over 10 grams or the equivalent of 10 or more vape cartridges. 
    • Testing is still performed to the highest penalty.

  • Packaging that contains a suspected controlled substance must be separated for Friction Ridge requests prior to submission to the laboratory;

  • The following information must be clearly marked on evidence packaging:
    • Agency Case and Exhibit numbers matching that submission information
    • Names associated to specific exhibits if more than one subject is present

  • Do not combine multiple bags of suspected controlled substances prior to submission to the laboratory.  Florida law requires testing of individual bags;

  • Do not submit Field Test Kits;

  • Batteries from electronic cigarettes must be removed prior to submission to the laboratory. Do not submit the electronic cigarette batteries to the laboratory;

  • Cases will be processed in support of FS 877 and 893. Cases with the potential for federal prosecution should not be submitted to the FDLE laboratory for analysis.

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