Forensic Mission Statement

Chapter 943, Florida Statutes, establishes a statewide criminal analysis laboratory system to provide services upon request to law enforcement agencies in the state of Florida. The FDLE crime lab provides timely, expert and professional examination of evidentiary materials to aid in the investigation, prosecution and/or exclusion of criminal offenses by utilizing sophisticated scientific equipment and proven techniques. Crime lab analysts are called on a continual basis to provide expert witness testimony in court cases. FDLE has six internationally accredited laboratories which are located in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee and Tampa Bay. The FDLE crime laboratory system provides analysis in 10 forensic disciplines: Biology/DNA, Seized Drugs, Crime Scene, Digital Evidence, Firearms, Footwear & Tire, Friction Ridge (Latent Prints), Questioned Documents, Toxicology, and Trace Materials.  We also offer 2 services: DNA Database and Genetic Genealogy.

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