Biology Submission Guidelines

  • Review the Biology section of the current Crime Laboratory Evidence Submission Manual. Submissions which do not comply with the Evidence Submission Manual may be refused or returned unworked.

  • A case scenario is REQUIRED. The scenario should include where an item was found and the item's relationship to the crime to determine eligibility for possible entry into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Any profile being entered into CODIS must be unequivocally attributable toa putative perpetrator, and the tiem cannot have been collected directly from the perpetrator's person or property. Profiles not eligible for CODIS may still be used for direct comparisons.

  • Collect victim and elimination known DNA standards and submit them with the evidence. Elimination standards are samples from people who may have left DNA on an item but are not suspects, for example, the owner of a carjacked vehicle or a consensual sexual partner of a sex crime survivor. These samples are needed to establish CODIS-eligibility of evidentiary profiles and/or to aid in interpretation of results.

  • The DNA profiles of qualifying offenders/arrestees in CODIS cannot be directly accessed for comparison to casework. An evidence profile that meets the criteria for CODIS may be searched against "the database" and if a hit obtained, after confirmation, the personal identifying information of the individual may be released. Profiles that do not meet the uniqueness or completeness for CODIS entry (many of the results obtained from evidence), may be directly compared to known profiles, but only if in reference from those individuals are submitted to the laboratory.

  • The evidence package containing items of known ownership (buccal swabs, blood cards, SAKs) MUST contain the first and last name of that individual on the outer packaging, or be visible from the outer packaging.

  • Sexual assault evidence kits from reporting victims must be submitted within 30 days from collection per FS 943.326. If more than 30 days have elapsed due to the victim changing from non-reporting to reporting, please note in the case comments in Prelog.

  • Evidence already handled and processed by other laboratory disciplines (e.g. Friction Ridge, Firearms) is not typically suitable for Biology analysis.

  • DO NOT package biological items in plastic.

  • Contact  your local laboratory to discuss options for cold case investigations. DNA technologies have improved greatly in recent years.

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